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Course Title:
Nursing Services
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School Site:
Madera South High School
Teacher Name:
Pietrowski, Mary
Teacher's Email:
Madera Unified
District Contact:
Toney, Laura
District Phone:
(559) 675-4500
Industry Sector:
Health Science and Medical Technology Industry
Pathway Name:
Patient Care Pathway
Class Start:
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Course Description:
The Nursing Services course provides the student with specific skills training to obtain employment as a nursing assistant, patient care partner, handicapped children's aide, school health aide, etc. Following successful completion of the core curriculum, the student may test for Certification as a Nursing Assistant. The program, while exposing students to nursing and related medical careers, prepares the student for application to Licensed Vocational Nursing programs or to begin the college level requirements for Registered Nursing and other health care fields. The course content includes nursing assistant (meets the requirement of Department of Health Services),and an option of Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Math, Medical Terminology and Study Skills.

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