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Course Title:
Emergency Medicine
Course ID:
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School Site:
Mariposa High
Teacher Name:
Brondolo, Al
Teacher's Email:
Mariposa Co Office Of Educ
District Contact:
Cole, Colette
District Phone:
(209) 742-0260
Industry Sector:
Public Services Industry
Pathway Name:
Emergency Response Pathway
Class Start:
Class End:
Course Description:
The Emergency Medicine course is an emergency medical care training program designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to adequately assess and provide care for patients at the scene of injury or illness. As a first responder, the student will be taught how to identify and correct life threatening problems; e.g., airway obstruction, bleeding, stabilization of the patient and protection from further injury while waiting for an ambulance to arrive, preparing the patient for actual transport, and assisting in other needed capacities (crowd control, site cleanup, etc.). The course is designed to follow the guidelines established by the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority.

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