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Course Title:
Careers in Education
Course ID:
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School Site:
Pioneer Technical Center
Teacher Name:
Gil, Rosa
Teacher's Email:
Madera County Office of Ed
District Contact:
Sanchez, Hugo
District Phone:
(559) 662-6211
Industry Sector:
Education, Child Development, and Family Services Industry
Pathway Name:
Education Pathway
Class Start:
Class End:
Course Description:
This course is for students interested in a career in education for grades K-12. In addition to the fundamental curriculum components, all students are required to observe and participate in a variety of settings and classrooms at the primary/elementary, middle/junior high and secondary levels. The CBEST test is a requirement for the course. Observations: Observations will be structured and based on specific objectives. Students will observe and participate in classrooms throughout the year based on the content of the curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to explore careers in education through job shadowing, mentoring, observation and internships. A minimum of 45 hours observation along with community classroom hours will be completed by each student and verified by a log.

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