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Construction Management and Planning
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Brown, Mark
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Delano, Jon
District Phone:
(559) 443-4861
Industry Sector:
Building and Construction Trades Industry
Pathway Name:
Residential and Commercial Construction Pathway
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Course Description:
Construction Management and Planning is an overall introduction to the Civil Engineering, Heavy Equipment operation, Construction Project Management, Construction/Development, and Real Estate business career pathways. Students will cover introduction to Civil Engineering plans and procedures. Managing different phases of a construction project including the bidding and bidding and estimating process of building materials and sub-contractors, the project plan approval process, and the regulations in relationship to environmental safety and public hazard when planning a project. This course will cover varied benefits and community impact of land development both public and private. In addition, students will explore the beginning of business planning, and requirements in obtaining licensing in the Construction and Development fields. At the culmination of this course, students will have a solid understanding of how contractors run and manage a business, how to meet and work with clients through discussion and negotiation, how to bid/estimate projects, and how to manage the schedule of a project from planning to completion.

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