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Course Title:
Welding Fabrication & Application
Course ID:
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School Site:
Yosemite High
Teacher Name:
Kirby, Jeff
Teacher's Email:
Yosemite Unified
District Contact:
Ruhmor, Cari
District Phone:
(559) 683-4667
Industry Sector:
Manufacturing and Product Development Industry
Pathway Name:
Welding and Materials Joining Pathway
Class Start:
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Course Description:
ROP Welding Fabrication and Application is the capstone course designed to train students for entry-level positions in welding/metal fabrication shops and preparing students for post-secondary agricultural mechanics, welding technology & industrial technology educational programs. This full year course emphasizes welding and fabrication skills in the advanced phases of Oxyacetylene, SMAW (Arc Welding), GMAW (MIG Welding) & TIG welding. This course applies the practical knowledge and skills learned during the previous three years of instruction. The course devotes a high percentage of classroom time in project planning and job seeking skills; Students will prepare working drawings, develop and compute bill of materials, prepare a resume, letter of application, student work samples and complete an individual portfolio. Shop time is devoted to constructing and fabricating student projects. The majority of advanced shop skills will be taught on an individual basis on student projects. Students are encouraged to exhibit any constructed, repaired or restored projects at the local County Fair and the California State Fair.

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