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Manufacturing Systems Design
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Emerson, Brian
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Delano, Jon
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(559) 443-4861
Industry Sector:
Manufacturing and Product Development Industry
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Product Innovation and Design Pathway
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This course takes an in-depth look at the Manufacturing Industry and the developments as they have progressed through the phases of the industrial Revolution from the 18th century through today. As technology and innovation have progressed. Their impacts on modern manufacturing have shifted the skill level and output of products. Production, supply chain, and lead times have been drastically modified from the days of rail car and simple machines. Students will cover an introduction to the procedures and methodologies for designing and controlling manufacturing systems and analyze how technology and innovation have progressed and how their impacts on modern manufacturing have shifted the skill level and output of the industry. Topics covered include: paradigms of manufacturing; fundamentals of manufacturing systems; systems configurations; performance of manufacturing systems including quality, productivity and responsiveness; economic models and optimization of manufacturing systems; numerical control and robotics; instrumentation and process control; Lean manufacturing; Human-machine system design (cobotics); pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical, and motor control; PLC design and implementation; and the technology used to control and manage complex manufacturing systems.

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