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Course Title:
Fire Fighting Technology
Course ID:
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School Site:
Mariposa High
Teacher Name:
Brondolo, Al
Teacher's Email:
Mariposa Co Office Of Educ
District Contact:
Cole, Colette
District Phone:
(209) 742-0260
Industry Sector:
Public Services Industry
Pathway Name:
Emergency Response Pathway
Class Start:
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Course Description:
This course is designed to prepare individuals for fighting fires and related tasks. The course is the California State Fire Marshal Fire Fighter I and Fire Fighter II course which prepares students for State certification. Students will learn about fire protection organizations, use and handling of firefighting equipment and apparatuses, fire protection and safety, fire behavior and extinguishment methods, rescue and ventilation operations, fire control and salvage and overhaul of structures. Wild land fire fighting will also be taught in conjunction with other fire fighter concepts and competencies. Practical experience will be gained through simulated exercises relating to the theory taught in the classroom. First Responder medical aid will also be a part of the course to provide the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to adequately assess and provide care for victims at the scene of injury.

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