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Course Title:
Criminal Justice
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School Site:
Madera South High School
Teacher Name:
Hernandez, Rickie
Teacher's Email:
Madera Unified
District Contact:
Toney, Laura
District Phone:
(559) 675-4500
Industry Sector:
Public Services Industry
Pathway Name:
Public Safety Pathway
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Course Description:
The course in Criminal Justice course is designed to develop an awareness of the various law enforcement occupations. The emphasis is placed on the development of attitudes, skills and competencies related to the criminal system in the U.S. This course introduces the student to the study of crime and the administration of justice in the United States. The focus throughout the course will be on the realities of enforcement and apprehension at the federal, state, and local level, prosecution, courts, and finally the disposition of people charge with the commission of crimes. Throughout this course, writing skills and students ability to deal with people will be stressed.

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