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Course Title:
Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management
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School Site:
Coalinga High
Teacher Name:
Mahfood, BobbieJo
Teacher's Email:
Coalinga-Huron Unified
District Contact:
Mahfood, Bobbi
District Phone:
(559) 935-7520
Industry Sector:
Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Industry
Pathway Name:
Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Pathway
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Course Description:
In this course, students will expand their study of Culinary Arts and explore Hospitality Management. Students will learn and apply knowledge through standards and project-based curriculum, both in the lab class setting and in a working food service kitchen. Students will develop culinary skills through nutritional analysis and recipe costing and development. They will learn the correct use of food service equipment and food and kitchen safety; with an emphasis on local, organic and seasonal products. In addition, students will learn about small business management through the operation of a food production and catering business, including production, finance, marketing, and customer service. This course is designed to present theory, delivery systems, and procedures of management, implementation, and evaluation as applicable to a variety of hospitality sectors which include: lodging, restaurants, food and beverage, tourism and recreation, and other operational areas of the hospitality industry. This course is designed to focus on foundations of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. It is the intent of the course to assist students in creating an awareness of the current developments in the delivery of hospitality services.

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