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Course Title:
Performing Arts
Course ID:
Section ID:
School Site:
Madera South High School
Teacher Name:
Hume, James
Teacher's Email:
Madera Unified
District Contact:
Toney, Laura
District Phone:
(559) 675-4500
Industry Sector:
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Industry
Pathway Name:
Production and Managerial Arts Pathway - Stage Technology
Class Start:
Class End:
Course Description:
Performing Arts will involve advanced work in acting, dance, voice, and movement. Historical aspects of performing arts and its evolution through time will also be included. Production development will be an additional focus and will include study of scene construction and design, lighting, sound mixing, costume develoopment, multimedia technology, press releases, advertising, publicity, and production take down. Students will actively participate in a program that is primarily project based by design. Students will travel to various locations outside the classroom to area stages throughout California to study, complete in festivals, critique, participate and assist in stage production.

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