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Course Title:
Sports Medicine/Fitness
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School Site:
Kerman High
Teacher Name:
Moralez, Francisco
Teacher's Email:
Kerman Unified
District Contact:
Rodrigues, Manuel
District Phone:
(559) 843-9700
Industry Sector:
Health Science and Medical Technology Industry
Pathway Name:
Patient Care Pathway
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Course Description:
This course is designed to connect instruction of biological science, English, and mathematics to concepts in physical therapy, athletic training, and fitness. This strategy will involve problem-solving tasks related to Sports Medicine. It is the goal of this course to empower the student with the understanding and skills associated with the healing and conditioning processes resulting from the methods used in physical therapy and physical conditioning of the human body. Sports Medicine/Fitness provides laboratory experiences and projects that incorporate academic skills, analytical thinking, and data research and reporting. The students put these skills to practicing a classroom laboratory environment as well as in physical therapy and fitness work sites. Using job-seeking skills, each student will be required to find and internship with a community partner. As a culmination of this internship, each student will develop research project and present findings to the class. The internship and project will be monitored by the instructor.

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