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Digital Media and Graphic Design
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Love, Aaron
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Bynum, Staci
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(559) 248-7400
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Arts, Media, and Entertainment Industry
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Design, Visual, and Media Arts Pathway - Graphic Design
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Students will study art and the history of graphic design and the creative process that precedes print and web production. Students will study the impact of visual communication on society and community from a social, economic, and political viewpoint as well as the reverse impact. Students will preview and analyze a variety of artistic designs and have the opportunity to critique different forms of media according to historical and cultural and technological attributes. The focus of study is on the artistic side of graphic design and how digital art is created and produced and its overall relevance to society. Students will create a digital portfolio as a final project. Students will learn traditional and specialized vocabulary of the graphics and web industry. Students will develop communication and design skills to express themselves clearly and concisely in their production of print, web and animated designs. Students throughout the course will develop ideas individually or within groups, research subject content, illustrate, propose, and produce graphics products. Students will produce a variety of digitally, created art products for print, web, video, and personal use, that are influenced by traditional techniques as they relate the principles and elements of design. Students will manipulate and produce images from both original and stock photography and incorporate their images into print, web, and other digital materials using industry standard digital media and graphic arts programs

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