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Course Title:
Digital Photography
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School Site:
Liberty High School
Teacher Name:
Napier, Jason
Teacher's Email:
Golden Valley Unified
District Contact:
Imperatrice, Chris
District Phone:
(559) 645-3500
Industry Sector:
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Industry
Pathway Name:
Design, Visual, and Media Arts Pathway - Graphic Design
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Course Description:
Digital Photography is a course based upon the advanced visual and performing arts standards. The class covers the five content areas of the visual and performing arts standards, which strengthen and challenge students' creativity and skills in the visual arts with a special emphasis on digital media. Students will analyze, research, and discuss their own artwork, artwork of their peers, and famous and newly emerging artists of contemporary culture. Instruction includes the examination of the formal, expressive, and aesthetic properties of photographic art and examines the history and development of photography and its relationship to the scientific and technological views of the 19th and 20th centuries. A portfolio of artwork will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the elements and principles of art, style and design. Students will link photography to other art forms and disciplines and will understand its applications to careers within contemporary society.

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