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Course Title:
Rehabilitation Therapy Careers
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School Site:
Clovis North
Teacher Name:
Khal, Katelyn
Teacher's Email:
Clovis Unified
District Contact:
Lomack, Dr. Gregory
District Phone:
(559) 327-9000
Industry Sector:
Health Science and Medical Technology Industry
Pathway Name:
Patient Care Pathway
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Course Description:
This course is designed to provide the student with opportunities to learn transferable skills related to entry-level occupational and physical therapy occupations, explore career options, and become knowledgeable with post-secondary educational requirements as related to such careers options. The course introduces the student to therapy careers including occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other prominent therapy careers, placing an emphasis on a set of core skills and knowledge applicable to many health care disciplines; desirable employee attributes and job seeking skills are also addressed. This course will provide the students with foundational exposure to safety and regulations in the medical environment, medical terminology, legal and ethical issues, patient care, body mechanics and human development. Students will investigate career choices through classroom and worksite learning experiences, including community classroom, job shadowing, tours, guest speakers, etc. Career exploration activities (as related to specific job titles) are dependent on the availability of such opportunities within the district and community. Integrated throughout the course are career preparation standards (e.g., personal and interpersonal skills, problem solving, communication skills, etc.)

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