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Course Title:
Building Trades
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School Site:
Madera High School
Teacher Name:
Curiel, Nazaret
Teacher's Email:
Madera Unified
District Contact:
Toney, Laura
District Phone:
(559) 675-4500
Industry Sector:
Building and Construction Trades Industry
Pathway Name:
Residential and Commercial Construction Pathway
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Course Description:
This course is an introduction to construction. It begins with Fundamentals of Construction and progresses to twelve spin-off specialty building trades areas. The Fundaments of Construction covers basic knowledge necessary for all individuals in construction. Each specialty area covers basic skills necessary for entry-level employment. Through hands-on, competency-based program, students will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills required, as well as an understanding of the common terminology, materials, and tools used in each of the building trades covered. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have sufficient skills and knowledge to perform the basic jobs required completion of the building trades covered as well as a broad base of knowledge from which to chose a career in the construction industry.

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