Course: Welding Processes and Fabrication     Course ID:17090750


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Section ID School Site Teacher Name Teacher's Email District District Contact District Phone
Y01 Central West Hirschler, Darrell Central Unified Birrell, Paul (559) 276-5230
Y02 Laton High Hidalgo, Cesar Laton Unified Buller, Nelly (559) 922-4080
Y03 Caruthers Unified Wenstrand, Matt Caruthers Unified Villerreal, Veronica (559) 495-6416
Y04 Coalinga High Spreng, John Coalinga-Huron Unified Wagner, Janine (559) 935-7520
Y05 Firebaugh High Ortiz, Michael Firebaugh Las Deltas Unified Lopez, Elizabeth (559) 659-1415
Y07 Mendota High Dutcher, Dale P Mendota Unified Anguiano, Emilio (559) 655-1993
Y08 Riverdale High Miner, Scot Riverdale Unified Simpson, Dave (559) 867-3562
Y10 Clovis East Ravy, Greg Clovis Unified Lomack, Dr. Gregory (559) 327-9000
Y11 Pioneer Technical Center Pascale, Lincoln Madera County Office of Ed Sanchez, Hugo (559) 662-6211